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28 April 2010 @ 11:14 am
This journal is 100% friends only!
(Only some old drawing posts are still open)

If you're interestet in adding me, please write a short comment about you in this entry. It makes it easier to get to know you. If you won't read my entries or never write entries yourself, then I think there's no need to add each other. My entries are written in english, tough there'll might be some phrases in other languages, too. Since English is just my third language and I'm really not talented in languages , there'll be a lot of mistakes. I mostly write about my my freetime, my art, my friends, my pictures, comics/manga, films, books and music. If you also don't mind some pseudo-emo and hardcore-fangirl-entries on your friendspage, feel free to add me XD Ah... And be sure, there are a lot of pictures ♥

--------> SOME LINKS
My Deviantart Gallery kaos-felida
My Livejournal Sketchblog sketchfail 
My Conceptart.org Sketchthread
My Animexx.de gallery felida
My Last.fm (but I don't really use it)


My Johnny's Entertainment related drawings moved to misetekure_je . The Johnny's Entertainment Fan Art Community for all the artists and art appreciators I created with the amazing fishdot  ♥
Please check it out :3
15 March 2010 @ 02:13 pm
Hi Girls :)

You may have noticed, that I didn't update this journal for months... I was nevertheless pretty active, visited my communities every day, read your entries, commented here and there, but I didn't update my journal. I felt really bad for being such a horrible LJ-friend so I went in myself and thought about why I felt so uncomfortable about making some updates once in a while ...

Well... I'm lazy *laughs*

But the main reason is: I don't know, what you want to read :) I found most people over Johnny's friending memes but, although I'm still into Johnny's, I don't really want to write about them any more. I also don't think, that writing about my personal stuff is really interesting for you because my personal life is pretty boring *laughs*

I found some really good friends here and loved to talk with you about everything and I don't want to lose this. So I decided to do a new start with a new journal and it would be lovely, if you follow me there.

I'm going to write about my art and about my design projects, about movies, books, exhibitions, comics, conventions and so on.

This is my new account: flowerprinthat 

I really hope, to see you there,
bye bye
23 April 2008 @ 12:30 pm
Hi everybody ♥
although I don't have the time, I finally started to draw my Kanjani8-Dôjinshi. Because I'm not really good in writing I asked iwritebadporn     if I can use one of her amazing shortstories *___* Thanks a lot again *hug*
I've chosen Kanjani8 has no *~MEMBER-AI~*, please read it ♥

MOOD: energeticenergetic
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29 March 2008 @ 01:34 pm
Good morning everybody ♥

This time no fanart XD I want to share all the Kanjani8 icons I made the last weeks. Some have been made for icon-contests but most of them are only for fun. Every time, when I found a cute/funny/cool/ugly/whatever picture that whispered "hey you over there...make an icon with me" I made one ^^ I decided to post them, when I got 88 (because it sounds cool *lol*). Some pictures has been in a really bad quality (like self made screenshots) but I cant't resist to use them nevertheless. And yes, I love colors and patterns and I'm a really bad lyricist...
None the less I hope you like them...

♥ Comments are of course loved
♥ Please don't claim them as your own
♥ Credit when using

[88 Kanjani8 ICONS]
♥ [01-17] GROUP
♥ [67-69] UCHI HIROKI
♥ [70-79] YASUDA SHOTA
♥ [80-88] YOKOYAMA YOU

Quantity > QualityCollapse )

Resources: I'm really sorry, but I can't credit the resources for all the pics V___V Most of them are from different LiveJournal-Communities. There are also a lot of pictures I found while surfing around and some self made screenshots. The patterns are all made by myself. Most of the brushes are from DeviantArt.
I have to thank Photoshop and Illustrator ♥

MOOD: goodgood
LISTEN: 関ジャニ∞ / BJ
17 March 2008 @ 10:24 am
Howdy Ho ❤

Perhaps you remember my last NEWS stationary I made for my little sister. My friend midori_uma is also a big NEWS fan, so I decided to make her an own NEWS stationary as a birthday present :3 This time, I've chosen the Weeeek! live-performance outfits, because she loves them ❤
it has been the same procedure as last time X3 First, I've drawn the illustration ( you can see it here ). Then, I made the layout, bought envelopes and tinkered a cute folder for everything. here you can see a photo of the complete present if you're interested ❤

Now I want to share (of course with her permission ^3^) the stationary with you *____* If you're interested in the three note papers, write me a comment or a private message with your E-Mail address. I'll sent it to you in 300dpi, so you can print it :)
(ah... of course without the ugly watermark *3*)

You can see the note papers under the cutCollapse )

I love the paper size XD I knew, for a stationary, it's a little bit strange, but I think inconvenient formats are cuter then normal ones ❤ ❤ ❤

MOOD: awakeawake
LISTEN: Patrick's I'Pod
14 February 2008 @ 10:02 am
Hi everybody,

... my last posting has really been a while ... V___V
I wrote it, I've never been good in keeping a diary *lol*

This time, I want to share the NEWS-Stationary I made as a present for my little sister. First I've drawn the Illustration ( you can see it here ).
The Outfits they wear are from the Weeeek! PV :) I've drawn them as dress-up dolls so on the note-papers I used the suit and the pants version XD You can also, when you have nothing better to do, only remove the shirts XD Or (uuhhh...) remove everything *lol*

Then I made the Layout. Finally I bought some red envelopes and tinkered a cute folder. I think, she loved it XD
here is a photo of the complete present.

Now I want to share (of course with her permission ^3^) the stationary with you *____* If you're interested in the two note papers, write me a comment or a private message with your E-Mail address. I'll sent it to you in 300dpi, so you can print it :)
(ah... of course without the ugly watermark *3*)

I think, I prefer the "Pants" Version *lol* the pictures are really small so you cant's see It, but I tried to catch their characters with the patterns XD
Kei-chan - Pink with strage but cute dolls
Shige - Leopard pattern (you remember the hat he got in Never Ending Wonderful Story?)
Massu - Crazy colored neon thing
YamaP - Golden glitter
Ryo - Cool and black
Tesshi - Toweling <- *lol*

I hope you like it ^____^
Bye bye
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